• The Mystery Box Of Snackhack™ Delights Returns

The Mystery Box Of Snackhack™ Delights Returns


"Please bring back the Mystery Box. Last time I waited too long and now I don't have any snacks."

- Dave S.

DAVE S.: BEHOLD A CYBER MONDAY MIRACLE: the internet's computations have detected your pleas, and have decided in their infinite electronic wisdom that today, right now, is the time for the return of THE MYSTERY BOX! 

Our staff of supercomputer A.I. temps packs each box to near-bursting with snacks chosen by algorithms that are so complex, your puny human mind can only comprehend their choices as random. These rental bots are programmed to make sure you're getting between $40 and $100 in snacks inside...for only $20.

Cyber Monday only! Beeepy boop boop!

All sales final. You get what you get and you don't get upset, Dave.